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Non-Anesthesia Dental Cleaning


Step 1: Dental Consult

VIC Pet Care provides a hand instrument exam to confirm there are no areas of concern present including: loose teeth, root exposure, gum recession, deep fractures or an infection present. If your pet is not a candidate, then we send home pictures along with a dental consult form and the pet will be referred to your veterinarian for further treatment. If no areas of concern are present and your pet is a candidate, we can then proceed with the cleaning

Step 2: Cleaning

Our well trained dental technicians have specialized pet handling techniques to work around your pet’s breed, size and personality. We comfortably position your pet on the floor using gentle relaxation techniques which allow the pet to feel secure & relaxed. Hand scalers and curettes are safely used to remove plaque and tartar from all surfaces of the teeth both above and below the gum line.

Step 3: Polishing

Polishing will smooth the surface and decrease the adhesive ability of plaque.

Step 4: Brushing and Antiseptic Wipe:

Brushing with chicken flavored toothpaste to help remove any excess debris. Antibacterial oral rinse and/or wipes are applied before, during and after the cleaning to prevent any chance of infection.

Step 5: Review&Planning:

We’ll provide you with before and after pictures, a review of your pet’s dental health and experience along with a recommended treatment plan moving forward.

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